Shekita Long the Owner of House of Intentions Candle and Metaphysical Shop Meditating


Because reconnecting to your ancestral lineage is remembering that you belong. It’s how you come home to yourself, without needing to fit into any sort of societal norm, body type, religion, or tribal clique.

Meet Shekita

Shekita is the owner of the House of Intentions Candle & Metaphysical Shop in River Rouge, MI.,  a certified YogaFit Teacher, 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner, Wild Woman Project & Yoni Steam Facilitator by Day and a Rootworker and Conjure Woman by Night.


Having shown interest in the spiritual world as an adolescent, Shekita starting to receive guidance and teachings from her Granma about her Gullah Geechee Hoodoo Ancestors and Heritage. Soon after, Shekita’s intuition naturally elevated.

During her formative years she began to borrow books from the public library in order to study and learn about different topics surrounding Traditional African Religion, Metaphysics, and Spirituality. It was during this time that she began to have visions about becoming a servant and healer.

Shekita has raised a family and served her country for over 20 years while simultaneously managing to continue to learn and study in her personal time order to earn her certifications.


Shekita’s goal is to promote wellness, mindfulness and awakening through programming at House of Intentions Candle and Metaphysical Shop.

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